Corps Sonore – Rameau in the 21st century: Trio Aporia at Kings Place

Corps Sonore – Rameau in the 21st century Kings Place Baroque Unwrapped season
Kings Place, London, N1 9AG.
Friday, 20 May 2016 – 8:00pm / Hall Two
Online Price: £14.50 | Savers £9.50*

Rameau’s concept of the ‘corps sonore’ revolutionised harmonic thinking in the 18th century. But his theory about ‘sounding bodies’ was only partly right – he had to keep doing a bit of fiddling with it to fit the facts. In fact a vibrating system has as many modes of vibration as the system has degrees of freedom – as Trio Aporia reveal in this performance when they unwrap their Baroque instruments to expose them as 21st century sounding bodies and then explore them further through live electronics.

In this world premiere performance Rameau’s music and ideas resonate in the Corps Sonore of the 21st century through new commissions of electro-acoustic works from Tom Armstrong to Michael Oliva, Paul Whitty and Paul Newland, not to mention the ghost of Debussy, and of course Monsieur Rameau himself.

This programme was conceived and commissioned during the 250th anniversary year of the death of the great eighteenth century French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.