Electric Underground: Trio Aporia + live electronics

Electric Underground
ALDWYCH TUBE 19.00-20.00, FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER 2014
Electric Underground – an electro-acoustic trip within and beneath.
001.Aporia Electric Underground ediTrio Aporia Electric Underground - an appreciate audience

6.TrioAporia, Electric Underground, with audience
Trio Aporia on the threshold as found object, occupies Aldwych underground, weaving readymade resonant bodies of sound, permeating this unique acoustic space. Fields of sustained tones – repetition and difference, in an exploration of the “infrathin”, making the inaudible audible. Electric Underground provides the perfect atmospheric, non-concert hall environment for world premieres of new commissions by Paul Newland and Paul Whitty and the opportunity to enjoy evocative pieces composed for Aporia by Alan Williams (New Music North West Festival, 2013) and Neal Farwell (Rameau+new sonic worlds project, 2014), alongside ecosonic improvisation by Stephen Preston and acoustic works by renaissance composers, Sweelinck and Hume.
Paul Newland fields of sound
Paul Whitty trembling earth
Neal Farwell Rain From Other Seasons
Alan Williams Advices and Queries
Stephen Preston there is always only within
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck Paduana Lachrimae
Tobias Hume Death (1605)

underground Arts & Humanities Festival 2014
Presented by the Arts & Humanities Research Institute